The First Step For Every Creative & Digital Projects

Alphabag provides a set of creative and collaboration tools that empower solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to effectively plan, manage, and execute their projects. 

Start With A Deck
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Our product comes along with a cross platform companion app.

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We Hear You

Collaboration is almost never easy.

You may find the messages below painfully familiar.

Why it takes so long to design our new brand?
3:27 PM
How come you charge us that much for a marketing campaign?
8:17 PM
Can you have this done by tomorrow?
6:30 PM
This is easy, why does it cost so much money?
5:56 PM
Can you do lots of different versions?
8:17 PM
This App is simple, please get it done in 3 days.
5:56 PM
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Reach new levels of clarity and efficiency

Understand your thoughts better with a deck of cards, faster project management and clearer communication with others. Increase efficiency in how you work by having a deck of cards that matches your needs and the needs of the people you work with.

With CLient

Pitch & Discuss With Clients

Describe your thoughts, pinpoint the real need with your clients.

With Team

Prioritise & Work With Team

Faster work with clear communication & effective collaboration.

With App

Scan & Manage With App

Smooth out your workflow, structure project blueprint in minutes

With yourself

Learn & Explore Knowledge

Learn and discover connection between knowledge.

Cross-platform App

For creatives, founders, freelancers, designers, marketers, and project managers, Alphabag provide the freedom to work to your full potential.

Alphabag deck comes with a companion app, empowering you to manage your projects and your clients more effectively. Alphabag app will be available around Mid-April 2024. We are upgrading our backend infrastructure to provide better experience for long term use.

Project Blueprint

Create blueprints from Alphabag Deck or start from the stretch, then integrate the items into your workflow.

Pitching & Proposal

Create a shareable blueprint and quote landing page, share it with your client for clear communication.

Todo Items

Build a simple to-do list from the blueprint or start from the stretch, optimize your workflow.

Project Management

Manage your project according to the blueprint you created. Track the project process anytime anywhere.


Create invoices from the blueprint or proposal in minutes, send them to your client when you are ready.

Knowledge Wiki

Access to the knowledge wiki to learn any specific terms and discover the connected knowledge.

Knowledge WIki

All Alphbag Products Are Fueled By A Knowledge Engine Behind

Have you ever been confused about the connect between tasks and knowledge? We continuously extract knowledge from the internet by analyzing millions of web pages. That’s how we discover & connect keywords form every specific domain. Then organise them into a presentable manner.


We turn the Common keywords extracted from our knowledge Engine Into practical Cards.


Term / Task

Also known as knowledge, this is the term or the task you may need to include in your project.



Provide basic reminders or ideas of what is those terms about, aim to make everyone on the same page.


Common Previous Steps

The terms on the left are what people normally do in the previous step.


Common Next Steps

The terms on the right are what people normally do in the next step.


QR Code

Scan the code with any qr code app to explore more information related to that knowledge


Card Code

With more than thousands of cards, the code helps you identify what you want quickly.

Using the deck

Stop Wasting Time And Money On Ineffective Collaboration.

People see things differently because they normally come from different professions. Treat each card as a step or a to-do item. Prioritize the scope of work with your team and clients.

Alphabag Deck blueprint logic

That's why it is important to discuss the scope of work under a set of common languages. It can help saving your time on clarification between parties.

Categories Covered

Scan QR codes and get inspired

Below are the categories of knowledge covered within Alphabag products, you will be able to access our knowledge wiki anytime anywhere.

App Design & Dev for Alphabag Deck

Application Design & Development

Prototyping, Interface Design etc.

Web3 & Blockchain for Alphabag Deck

Web3 & Blockchain Integration

Candy Machine, Smart Contracts etc.

Brand Experience for Alphabag Deck

Brand Experience Design

Brand Manifesto, Brand Audit etc.

Web Design & Dev for Alphabag Deck

Website Design & Development

Landing Pages, Wireframe etc.

Research Techniques $ Analysis for Alphabag Deck

Research Techniques & Analysis

Competitive Analysis, A/B Testing etc.

Brand Development for Alphabag Deck

Brand Development

Brand Identity, Brand Voice etc.

Chatbot for Alphabag Deck

Chatbot Design & Development

Conversational Interfaces, Data Mining etc.

DIgital Marketing for Alphabag Deck

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Campaign, SEO etc.

Typography for Alphabag Deck

Typography Design & Application

Typographic Hierarchy, Font etc.

Machine Learning for Alphabag Deck

Machine Learning Integration

Neutral Network, Supervised Learning etc.

User Experience for Alphabag Deck

User Experience Design

Information Architecture, Onboarding etc.

Color series for Alphabag Deck

Color Combination & Application

Pantone, Color Palette etc.

Coming Soon

Exciting Products & Services Coming Soon in Autumn 2022

The Alphabag Deck is only the introductory product of Alphabag, there are lots more products and services waiting in back.

Our Vision

Big Picture Always Win.

When you look at the startup's industry today, you will find that there are new things coming out every single day. From new software that helps to optimize our productivity to new theories that inspire us on our workflow. Those new inventions for sure help us create great work. But at the same time, a large amount of choices and the similarity between theories make us hard to decide on where we can start and how to proceed.

In Alphabag, we believe that the only way to do great work is to have a clear and visionary blueprint. By understanding the connection between different knowledge, knowing where it comes from and where to go next, people will be able to build a visionary blueprint along with a clear execution plan.

Big picture always wins - this is what we believe in Alphabag. We want to build a common language for the startup world, the language of the blueprint. With this language, it coordinates the effort of people that have different skills who work together and guide some talent who work alone.

No matter what you build, you will have a journey to make. This language will help you find your way, take it along when you build.

Alphabag - Plan great. Work smart.

– Kevin Hon Chi Hang, Founder of Alphabag

A Business Tool for Professionals

If you are running a company or freelancing, you can use the Alphabag Deck to plan out your projects and define the scope of your work with your clients or teams.

This way, you clarify everything upfront, using communication to save yourself from stress later on.

A Learning Tool For Beginners

Students, at the same time, can develop their study strategies through Alphabag Deck. This is an effective method for exploring the connection between language and knowledge.

If you’re looking to get into business or change careers, this is the perfect way to learn more about that.


Your Questions Answered

Below, you'll find frequently asked questions separated into categories, or topics. If we don't have answer here, contact us!

Contact Us
What happened to the Alphabag Deck Kickstarter campaign? Why is it canceled?

After 2 weeks of the campaign, we received inquiries about getting angel investment for the project. That made us a bit uncertain about how the project should proceed. We were hesitant to spend the marketing budget on the campaign before figuring out the long-term product strategy. That led us to make the decision to cancel the project.

What is the difference between Alphabag and Alphabag Deck?

Alphabag deck is a sub-brand under Alphabag, which is a deck of physical cards to let creatives work and charge professionally. There are other sub-brand under Alphabag, like the Alphabag Guide, Alphabag NFTs, Alphabag News, etc, those sub-brand are serving different types of needs both in personal and day to day business growth.

What are the reasons behind the early bird offer? When will it end?

The early bird offer is a benefit for those who are the first to support us. As we always believe that a good product should grow with the community of users, Alphabag Deck is our first product. We will end all Early Bird discounts when we launch Alphabag App on App Store and Google Play Store in mid-April 2024.

Are all the products listed on the product menu available now?

We are not going to launch all the products at once. The main reason is we are adjusting our product strategy on the fly. Alphabag's vision is to build a common language for making world. The Premium Process Kit of Alphabag Deck is a practical product that can give us good insights into the real needs of the users. So we can adjust the supportive content provided in Alphabag Guide and our online courses.

Is Alphabag a SaaS company or just an eCommerce store?

Alphabag is currently positioned as an eCommerce store for now. Once we our Apps is live, we'll make adjustments to suit the new SaaS product strategy.

Are all Alphabag apps and online courses free to use?

The majority of our app and online courses are designed exclusively for paid customers. Of course, some lessons and accessing the standard functions of our apps will be free.

What is the optimal number of Alphabag Deck for a creative team?

It is best if everyone who touches a project is working with their own deck. That way, all collaborators – leaders, specialists, anyone – can exert their independence while also staying in line with the project's central vision.

Will there be a deck focus only on a specific topic, like only for digital marketing or branding?

Yes, it is possible in the future. Currently, we only offer the Premium Process Kit, which aim to be useful in most situation.

Is Alphabag venture-backed?

It's not a discussion at this moment, but we are open for talking about it.

Is Alphabag hiring?

If you think you are the right person for Alphabag, please contact us.