Empower people to build better products.

Project planning & management solution including physical and digital tools, exclusively for freelancers, agencies, project managers, and life-long learners.


With a wide range of products, we positioned ourselves as a business tool for professionals, a learning tool for amateurs.

Work & charge in a professional way.

Alphabag deck is a business tool for professionals, a learning tool for amateurs. It saves you time and cost of pitching, planning and project management processes.  It is a must-have tool when you want to improve yourself every day.


There is no new idea, only new perspective.

In Alphabag News, we focus on extracting the best part of the content as highlights; then we curate them based on the common language of the making world. That makes our audiences able to explore knowledge from a new perspective.


Big picture always win.

Use the Alphabag Blueprint app along with the Alphabag Deck to transfer your project blueprint from physical and digital space seamlessly. It is a simple to-do list app works on both iOS and Android for project planning and management.


Live and work in a meaningful way.

Inspired by the Holstee Manifesto, we wrote this Alphabag Manifesto to reflect our attitude towards our products and services. It is not only for Alphabag but also for the general public that shares that same value proposition.


We provide a rich knowledge library from A to Z that fit into your bag. That's why we named our brand as Alphabag.

You will be able to work on the following categories with our product and services.

Application Design & Development

Prototyping, Interface Design etc.

Website Design & Development

Landing Pages, Wireframe etc.

Chatbot Design & Development

Conversational Interfaces, Data Mining etc.

Machine Learning Integration

Neutral Network, Supervised Learning etc.

Blockchain Integration

Decentralized Database, Authentication etc.

Research Techniques & Analysis

Competitive Analysis, A/B Testing etc.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Campaign, SEO etc.

User Experience Design

Information Architecture, Onboarding etc.

Brand Experience Design

Brand Manifesto, Brand Audit etc.

Brand Development

Brand Identity, Brand Voice etc.

Typography Design & Application

Typographic Hierarchy, Font etc.

Color Combination & Application

Pantone, Color Palette etc.


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Our Belief

Big picture always win.

When you look at the startup's industry today, you will find that there are new things coming out every single day. From new software that helps to optimize our productivity to new theories that inspire us on our workflow. Those new inventions for sure help us create great work. But at the same time, a large amount of choices and the similarity between theories make us hard to decide on where we can start and how to proceed.

In Alphabag, we believe that the only way to do great work is to have a clear and visionary blueprint. By understanding the connection between different knowledge, knowing where it comes from and where to go next, people will be able to build a visionary blueprint along with a clear execution plan.

Big picture always wins - this is what we believe in Alphabag. We want to build a common language for the startup world, the language of the blueprint. With this language, it coordinates the effort of people that have different skills who work together and guide some talent who work alone.

No matter what you build, you will have a journey to make. This language will help you find your way, take it along when you build.

Alphabag - Plan great. Work smart.

– Kevin Hon Chi Hang, Founder of Alphabag


Get a Free Alphabag Deck

(Starting at mid Oct 2018, valid until 1st Nov, 2018)

To celebrate our first launch of Alphabag, we are giving out the deck for FREE to our early supporters as our go-to-market strategy. You only need to pay a small shipping fee, and we will send a deck to you.

The first 100 supporters will also get a free consultation session with our Founder Kevin Hon on design/ product development/ whatever you want.