Make Every Collaboration Productive

Alphabag Deck is a deck of cards printed with selected keywords. You can use it to strike the right tone for your meetings and structure all of your projects. From there, you set expectations with your client or partner, keeping your communication clear and precise.

How It Works

01. Define

Define your outcome(s), always start with your final goal, then reverse engineer it.

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02. Explore

Discuss with your team or clients to prioritize the cards, scan the QR code for more detail.

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03. Piroritize

Prioritize the project workflow based on the actual time and resources constraint. Treat this blueprint as the common language across the project.

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04. Enhance

Use the scan function in the Alphabag app to save your blueprint from physical to digital space. Manage your project with your clients or your team members via the app to create stunning outcomes.

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Alphabag deck is a business tool for professionals, a learning tool for amateurs.

This deck saves your time and cost on pitching, planning and project management processes. It works for both amateurs and professionals, from doing businesses to learning new knowledge. 

If you are running a company or freelancing, you can use the deck to plan out your projects and define the scope of your work with your clients or teams. This way, you clarify everything upfront, using communication to save yourself from stress later on.

Students, at the same time, can develop their study strategies through Alphabag. This is an effective method for exploring the connection between language and knowledge.


There are 5 components on each card that guide you to explore around.

Explore the possible connections between the knowledge with the guidence on the card.


In the world of Alphabag Deck, we have thousands of interconnected terms related to the making world that would be useful in your project blueprint.

Description & Reminders

Provide basic ideas of what is those terms about, aim to make everyone on the same page.

Common Previous & Next Steps

Provide suggestions whenever you get lost, get contextual suggestions with the app by scanning the QR code.

QR Code

This is where the physical world meets the digital world. Connect your blueprint with the app and explore endless possibilities.

Card Code

With more than thousands of cards, the code helps you identify what you want quickly.

Treat each card as a step or a to-do item. Prioritize the scope of work with your team and clients.

People see things differently because they normally come from different professions.

That's why it is important to discuss the scope of work under a set of common languages. It can help saving your time on clarification between parties.

Scan the cards with our Alphabag App to create a digital blueprint, enhance and collaborate in the digital space afterwards.

When you want to save a blueprint from physical to digital world, scan the QR code on the cards like you checkout items in supermarket.

The Decks

From A to Z, all of the knowledge you need is at your fingertips. That is why we named ourselves Alphabag.

By scanning the QR code on the card or use Alphabag apps, you can learn and explore connected knowledge related to the startup world in the Alphabag universe.

You will be able to work on the following categories along with the deck.

Application Design & Development

Prototyping, Interface Design etc.

Blockchains Integration

Decentralized Database, Authentication etc.

Brand Experience Design

Brand Manifesto, Brand Audit etc.

Website Design & Development

Landing Pages, Wireframe etc.

Research Techniques & Analysis

Competitive Analysis, A/B Testing etc.

Brand Development

Brand Identity, Brand Voice etc.

Chatbot Design & Development

Conversational Interfaces, Data Mining etc.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Campaign, SEO etc.

Typography Design & Application

Typographic Hierarchy, Font etc.

Machine Learning Integration

Neutral Network, Supervised Learning etc.

User Experience Design

Information Architecture, Onboarding etc.

Color Combination & Application

Pantone, Color Palette etc.


Alphabag Deck on Kickstarter

(Campaign until 11th September, 2021)

We are now running our first Kickstarter campaign with 50% discount on Alphabag Deck. Please feel free to get your deck via Kickstarter.

Get A Deck

No matter what you want to do, the process is the same.

01. Define

Define your outcome(s), select the cards that you think that need to be considered in  the project.

02. Collaborate

Discuss with your team or clients to prioritize the cards, scan the QR code for more detail.

03. Enhance

Scan the QR code on the cards with Alphabag app to build your blueprint on the fly.



Always start with your final goal, then reverse engineering it.

Set your goals and then reverse-engineer your efforts. That is how the highest achievers work, and that is what you will be doing too.

By knowing what you want, you will always find your way.  Find out the outcomes you want from the deck of cards, then take out the cards that you think might be useful for the project.

Learn and explore the connected knowledge in the Alphabag Universe.

The deck is not only a planning tool but also your learning platform. You can always learn on the fly by scanning the QR code for more information.



Even under the same project goal, different people will see and execute in a different way.

Treat those cards as a building block to help you and your counterparts to explain the sequence and relationship of the project plan and structure.

Discuss your project with your team or clients to prioritize the cards. Treat this blueprint as the common language across the project, determining a workflow that is ideal for everyone.

Use a physical tool during planning and presentation is always the key of every successful meeting.

It is like card sorting activities. It encourages discussion and critical thinking when you are building up the connection and sequence between the tasks. It requires lots of iteration.



Use the app along to help make better decision.

Human cannot get that far alone, but with the help of technologies, we can achieve more and better. 

Use the scan function in the Alphabag app to save your blueprint from the physical to the digital space. Manage your project with your clients or your team member via the app, getting everyone involved.

We provide preloaded templates in our blueprint library for your convenience.

Alphabag deck is a tool that guides and empowers you. For freelancers, designers, project managers, and people who need to build something, it means the freedom to work to your full potential.

Our Belief

Big picture always win.

When you look at the startup's industry today, you will find that there are new things coming out every single day. From new software that helps to optimize our productivity to new theories that inspire us on our workflow. Those new inventions for sure help us create great work. But at the same time, a large amount of choices and the similarity between theories make us hard to decide on where we can start and how to proceed.

In Alphabag, we believe that the only way to do great work is to have a clear and visionary blueprint. By understanding the connection between different knowledge, knowing where it comes from and where to go next, people will be able to build a visionary blueprint along with a clear execution plan.

Big picture always wins - this is what we believe in Alphabag. We want to build a common language for the startup world, the language of the blueprint. With this language, it coordinates the effort of people that have different skills who work together and guide some talent who work alone.

No matter what you build, you will have a journey to make. This language will help you find your way, take it along when you build.

Alphabag - Plan great. Work smart.

– Kevin Hon Chi Hang, Founder of Alphabag