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The VIP membership club of Alphabag.

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The Ultimate Membership

We are building a VIP membership club where members will only be able to join by minting their own Alphabag NFT. This exclusive society offers various initial and long-term benefits like lifetime app licenses for all Alphabag products, DAO access, and discounts on future deck/ book/ course releases.

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Receive Token Via Airdrop

We will airdrop NFT holders token for DAO access.

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Alphabag NFTs

See below for a sneak peek of the Alphabag NFTs. You will be able to have DAO access of that specific app related to the NFT you bought. The voting right includes the feature development and prioritization for that app.


Keeping Pace According To The Product Strategy Of Alphabag

We will soon releasing the roadmap of the Alphabag NFT projects. More

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Your Questions Answered

Below, you'll find frequently asked questions separated into categories, or topics. If we don't have answer here, contact us!

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Are the NFT in video format instead of jpg?

Yes, we are using 4K videos as our main artwork for minting. You can see a preview of our work above.

When is the Alphabag NFT mint?

It is set to be available at some point during the Autumn of 2024. If you are interested, sign up for our waitlist and we'll keep you updated with any new information as it becomes available.

What blockchain network will they be on?

At this moment, we are choosing Ethereum over Solana network. Although this is not the final decision, we are more inclined to store it on a mainstream network with lots of practical use cases. As most DApps exist on the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum is a no-brainer option.

What do you mean the DAOs for creatives?

You will be able to have DAO access of that specific app related to the NFT you bought. The voting right includes the feature development and prioritisation for that app.