“I love to see things as a system right at the beginning. If you treat things case by case, it is much difficult to connect them afterward. On the contrary, if you can start with a big picture, build your world and organize things on top of it, the outcomes will always be rewarding.

It sounds like programming, but it is in fact design. ”

– Kevin Hon Chi Hang, Founder of Alphabag

Founder Intro

About Kevin Hon Chi Hang

Kevin Hon is a passionate multidisciplinary designer, director, and consultant who work across a broad spectrum of media and fields. 

He has been living and working in New York, London, Hong Kong, China and Taipei where he collaborated with a wide range of skilled partners.

Previously working as the Creative Director at Divide(acquired by Google) and the Head of Design at Wonder( He is now the Founder of Alphabag( which is a project planning and management solution that would be able to serve millions of people all over the world.

With 12 years of experience, he developed a personal approach towards branding, advertising, user experience, design, and development of innovative digital products(iOS, Android, and Web). That's why he positioned himself as the "Unicorn," and he is always open to new opportunities and projects.

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