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In Alphabag, we are building a common language for the making world, the language of a blueprint. It is like the Pantone in the color world. With this language, it coordinates the effort of people that have different skills who work together and guide some talent who work alone. 

We are taking off! You are welcome to join our adventure.

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We are welcome for both full-time, part-time and freelancing job enquiry. We work remotely with team members from Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, London and Argentina. We are currently looking for counterparts to join the position listed below

  • Online Content Manager: Work on the content strategy of Alphabag News
  • Sales & Marketing Intern(s): Work on the marketing strategy of Alphabag products
  • Design Intern(s): Have experience in using Cinema 4D to create different artworks and animation
  • Front-end Developer: Experience in Javascript and familiar with front-end framework like React.js/ Vue.js
  • iOS Developer: Experience in Layout, interaction & animation implementation
  • Android Developer: Experience in Layout, interaction & animation implementation
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