The Brain Behind Alphabag

“I love to see things as a system right at the beginning. If you treat things case by case, it is much more difficult to connect them afterward. On the contrary, if you can start with a big picture, build your rules and organize things on top of it, the outcomes will always be rewarding.

It sounds like programming, but it is in fact design.”

– Kevin Hon Chi Hang, Founder of Alphabag

Founder Intro

About Kevin Hon Chi Hang

As the Founder of Unicorn Vision and the creator of Alphabag, Kevin Hon Chi Hang has made it his personal mission to guide other visionary companies through the marketplace. He has mastered a wide range of skills applicable to product launches and product renovations, taking a forward-thinking approach to entrepreneurship and emphasizing tangible results.

Alongside his global team, he has carved out a niche for himself, setting large goals and then following through on them ferociously. His mind for strategy, design, and execution has proven viable in sectors as diverse as AI, FinTech, and e-commerce. It is his most recent innovation, though, that has turned heads most: Alphabag, which he has molded around his daily work habits at Unicorn Vision.

A series of products and initiatives engineered to introduce a common language among creatives and their clients and collaborators, Alphabag encompasses an artful deck of cards, a companion app, consulting services, and more. To get the product onto the market, he has overseen both his team at Unicorn Vision and a bench of remote workers spanning Hong Kong, the US, Europe, and Taiwan. He has done this while he has, in the meantime, served as a consultant to both listed and non-listed FinTech companies, providing them with his expertise in product design, business development, and talent management.

Singular in his working style, Kevin accepts the bulk of the work on any project that he undertakes. He is, in that sense, the unicorn in Unicorn Vision, his abilities extending to programming, marketing, and even design. This combination of skills, rare in a world where hyper-specialization has become the norm, means that he is able to step into any environment and make an immediate impact. Since the early days of his career — dating back to 2010 when he was doing creative work, marketing work, and programming work all at the same time — he has seen value in stretching himself to disparate corners of the teams that he has served.

At the age of 23, he had already ascended to the role of creative director at a company named Divide, which Google would go on to acquire. He then became a founding member at AskWonder, where he was the lead designer from 2013 to 2015, before selling his equity in the company to Bloomberg Beta and relocating from New York back to Hong Kong. These formative experiences were crucial for him, exposing him to venture-backed firms backed by corporate juggernauts like Google, Comcast, Qualcomm, First Round Capital, and Founders Fund.

As a world traveler, he has visited locations in Asia, Europe, the US, and South America, not only as a tourist but as an artist, broadening his cultural perspective to enrich his design and marketing sensibilities. Earning his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and his Master of Science in Multimedia Entertainment & Technology, the latter when he was only 22, he is a graduate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He remains passionate about breaking down business goals into more manageable pieces, filling the gap between design and development, which he views as the key to creating outstanding products.

Committing himself to drive productivity, he has focused his energy on Alphabag.

Join him and get in on the adventure today!