Stay Ahead and Stay Safe via Freelancing

With Alphabag Deck to Back You Up

Kevin Hon Chi Hang
February 8, 2022

As you look for opportunities in the world, you start to realize just how competitive it is out there. Wait too long, and you get left behind. You go looking for something different, like crypto or stock investing, but in the middle of a downturn, you realize you are even worse off than before. This is why you need to put a more stable plan in place, and more than any other plan, freelancing promises stability and resiliency. In freelancing, if you are able to embrace self-learning and self-starting, you can find your niche in this noisy, crowded world.

Where do you begin?

From the outside looking in, freelancing may seem a little intimidating. You try to find a mentor, but more likely than not, you have to settle on some heroes after whom you can model yourself, rather than waiting around for someone to take you by the hand and walk you through your field of choice. Of course, the impending economic downturn is not going to help matters at all. It's one more reason that you need to act immediately and make something click.

Where can you provide value? How do you provide value? What does real value even look like?

None of these questions is simple to answer, which is why objective guidance may make all the difference. You should be able, if you are launching your own freelancing business, to understand what your clients want from you and to communicate your intentions clearly to them.

This is where Alphabag Deck can help you.

Providing an interconnected knowledge database, itself powered by a graph database, Alphabag Deck draws straight lines between ideas and tasks. Using it, you can outline keywords, tap into the resources those keywords highlight, and form a common language for the act of creating. It is the wise and devoted guide that you can keep tucked away in your pocket. When you need it, you pull it out, getting a handle on the freelancing projects you have undertaken. Because we have preloaded blueprints for twelve of the most popular freelancing categories (app development, web development, brand design & development, digital marketing, and more), you can stop worrying about the details – and feel the confidence you crave, from the beginning of each project right through to the end of it.

The result is awareness. When you implement Alphabag Deck into your burgeoning freelancing business, you can become a master at distinguishing a $100 task for a $1,000 project. Then, you lay out the steps you are going to follow, the time you are going to take, and the materials you are going to need from your client. Instead of just selling your services as a freelancer, you can sell your whole identity as a problem solver, manager, and leader. In addition to your on-point portfolio, you and Alphabag Deck can provide your clients with the reassurance they need to feel great about your work together.