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We provide products to help you become a better designer and project manager.

It is all about knowing how knowledge are interconnected.

In Alphabag, we believe that the only way to do great work is to have a clear and visionary blueprint. By understanding the connection between different knowledge, knowing where it comes from and where to go next, people will be able to build a visionary blueprint along with a clear execution plan.

Knowledge Wiki

In order to build a solid foundation of the knowledge engine, we continuously extract knowledge from the internet by analyzing millions of web pages.

That’s how we discover & connect keywords form every specific domain. Then organise them into a presentable manner.

The deck

We turned the keywords extracted from our knowledge engine into a practical deck.

It is a business tool for professionals, a learning tool for amateurs.

This deck saves your time and cost on pitching, planning and project management processes. It works for both amateurs and professionals, from doing businesses to learning new knowledge. 


In Alphabag Deck we provide hundreds of terms related to the making world that would be useful in your project blueprint.

Description & Reminders

Provide basic ideas of what is that terms about, make everyone on the same page.

Common Previous & Next Steps

Provide suggestion whenever you get lost, get contextual suggestion with the app by scanning the QR code.

QR Code

This is where the physical world meet the digital world. Connect your blueprint with the app and explore endless possibilities.

Card Code

With more than two hundred cards, the code help you identify what you want quickly.

Treat each card as a step or a to-do item. Prioritize the scope of work with your team and clients.

People see things differently because they normally come from different professions.

That's why it is important to discuss the scope of work under a set of common languages. It can help saving your time on clarification between parties.